Dekati Expertise

Dekati has long history in developing fine particle measurement technologies and today, we are able to provide all the needed components to make aerosol measurements even in demanding environments. We have vast experience in different particle measurement technologies including but not limited to real-time particle sensors, cascade impactor technology, particles charging, electrical detection and optical detection in both standardized and non-standardized PM measurement solutions. Besides particle detection, we are a world leading company in providing state-of-the-art aerosol sample conditioning and dilution systems that enable measurements from nearly any sample conditions even from temperatures up to 1200 °C.

Dekati® Solutions can be used to measure particles <10 µm in numerous applications from engine exhaust and air quality monitoring to various industrial processes. Our core expertise includes:

  • Fine particle concentration measurements
  • Particle size and particle size distribution measurements
  • Particle mass, number and LDSA (Lung deposited surface area) concentration measurements
  • Particle charge detection
  • Real-time particle detection up to 10 Hz
  • Gravimetric particle measurements and particle collection for analysis
  • Aerosol dilution and sample conditioning
  • High temperature aerosol measurements up to 1200 °C

Customized particle measurement solutions by Dekati Technologies

Dekati Technologies is a division of Dekati Ltd. specifically focused on providing tailored particle sensors and other particle measurements systems for industrial applications. Over the years, we have developed several fine particle measurement solutions and particle sensors for our partners and customized them for their specific needs. The projects realized have included either development of a new particle detection technology or modification of an existing technology into customer specific systems, or both. Some examples of successful projects include:

  • Complete test cell integration project for automotive industry
  • Particle number sensor for NPTI applications
  • Exhaust aerosol diluter to be integrated into industrial systems
  • Optical particle detector for research and monitoring applications
  • Bioaerosol detector for defense applications
  • Bipolar charge analyser for a major pharmaceutical company for medical inhaler research