Particle sensors for industrial measurements


Particle Number PN measurements

Dekati® Electrical Particle Counter ePNC™ sensor


Dekati® ePNC™ is a compact particle number sensor specifically designed for integration in OEM measurement systems. The ePNC™ gives reliable data of particle number concentration and it has several integration options for implementation into customer specific systems. The sensor has a modular design with separate control and metrological units. The control unit takes care of the control systems and data communications, whereas the replaceable metrological unit contains the particle measurement system. This design makes service and maintenance extremely easy and cost effective.

The particle counting technology of the Dekati® ePNC™ sensor is based on diffusion charging, particle collection and electrical detection of the collected particles. Its unique, patent-pending low-pressure operation provides an electrical current signal that is directly proportional to the particle number (PN) concentration. Unlike some other number concentration sensors, the ePNC™ has a very robust stainless steel construction and it does not require any liquids for operations. The response of the sensor stays stable even in long term measurements of high particle concentrations keeping the maintenance intervals of the system long and operation costs low.


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Dekati® ePNC™ brochure
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LDSA Measurement

DePS™ for LDSA measurements

The Dekati® DePS™ (Dekati® electrical Particle Sensor) is a miniature sensor for real-time particulate matter measurements. The Dekati® DePS™ allows direct monitoring of particle LDSA concentration, and the measurement signal can be easily correlated to particle number or mass concentrations. The DePS™-OEM sensor consists of the particle detection and electronic control units and can be configured with a wide variety of options for optimal integration into customer-specific devices or systems.


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DePS™ Brochure
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