Innovations for Industrial Particle Measurements



The Dekati® ePNC™ is an innovative particle counter sensor designed specifically for easy integration in Periodic Testing...

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The whole Dekati Technologies team wants to wish all our customers, partners and friends around the world...

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Today marks 28 years since Dekati was officially listed in the Finnish trade registry. We have been...

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Dekati Technologies


Dekati Ltd. is a world leader in designing and manufacturing innovative fine particle measurement solutions. We have nearly 30 years of experience in providing measurement instruments, sensors, and complete fine particle measurement solutions to a wide variety of environments and sample conditions. Our company’s roots lie in Tampere University aerosol research laboratory and even today, scientifically proven measurement technologies are in our core focus. Our goal is to transfer this scientific expertise into accurate yet practical and user-friendly measurement solutions for industrial applications where reliability and repeatability are of most importance.

Dekati Technologies is a brand division of Dekati Ltd. specifically focused on particle sensors and particle measurements systems for industrial applications. All systems are designed with various integration options specifically for industrial applications and into customer specific systems. Dekati Technologies customized particle measurement sensors and solutions for integration into customer specific systems are shown on this site with a special focus on nPTI PN sensor solutions for engine exhaust measurements. For information on Dekati® high-end stand-alone instrumentation, please visit Dekati website.


Dekati® Standalone Instruments