The Dekati® ePNC™ is certified… and we’re sharing the data

January 19, 2022

The Dekati® ePNC™ is an innovative particle counter sensor designed specifically for easy integration in Periodic Testing and Inspection (PTI) devices. It fills all the requirements of Real Driving Emission (RDE) Regulation 2017/1154, and now we have the verification of an independent laboratory to prove it. The certificate of calibrations was issued by Ricardo AEA already on August 26th, 2021.

As the Dekati® ePNC™ is not a standalone instrument, it is always used integrated with a sample conditioning system. In the verification process, it was tested with the dedicated ePNC™ sample conditioning module. Data shows perfect compliance in all the requirements including measurement uncertainty, linearity, counting efficiency, and volatile particle removal efficiency.
We are very happy with the accuracy of our product and the results of the verification. In fact, we are so happy that we’ll be making the verification data publicly available – please contact Mr. Peter Lambaerts to receive your copy.