Dekati Technologies: a Simple Solution for Measuring Particulate Emissions

June 7, 2021

Dekati Technologies offers a simple solution for measuring particulate emissions for inspection station measuring equipment. The solution based on patented technology is reliable, cost-effective, and dependable.

The name Dekati is known in the scientific community and laboratories where it is associated with measurement capability. The more accurate the measurement, the better.

Now, Dekati Technologies is making its particle measurement expertise available to system suppliers serving inspection stations. However, the aim of measuring particulate emissions at inspection stations is different: the requirements set by law must be met as reliably and cost-effectively as possible. The simpler the solution, the better.

Continuous Cost-Effectiveness Throughout the Life Cycle

Dekati Technologies’ recently patented technology is simple and elegant. The solution is based on low pressure: the exhaust gas is heated and the sample is brought down into low pressure. Performing the measurement requires fewer steps, fewer components, and costs less than dilution-based solutions.

– Our goal was to design a very simple solution with as few components as possible, which produces a reliable measurement result. At inspection stations, the measuring solution must operate without the need for maintenance or adjustment. Our solution meets this need, says Erkki Lamminen, VP, Sales and Business Development of Dekati Technologies.

Thanks to the little maintenance required and the easy replaceability of the fouling component, life cycle costs also remain low. The particle collection component can be replaced and sent for metal recycling or cleaning and reuse. Low power consumption allows battery use.

Customizable from ePNC™ Sensor to Complete Measurement Solution

Dekati Technologies offers its solutions for partners according to their needs. Currently, Dekati Technologies is connecting with OEMs and integrators.

– We focus on our core competence, i.e., particle measurement. The smallest component we supply to inspection station equipment manufacturers is the core of the measuring device, i.e., the ePNC™ sensor that measures the number of particles. In addition to sensors, Dekati Technologies can supply evaporation chambers, pumps, filters, and other necessary components – either all necessary accessories or individual components. Component delivery always involves a certain kind of co-operation project with the manufacturer to ensure that everything works and to test the configurations, Lamminen describes.

If the manufacturer does not have the desire or ability to do the integration, Dekati Technologies can also deliver a ready-made total solution, in which case the device manufacturer’s main task is to connect the measurement solution to his device and implement the user interface.

The simplicity of the implementation extends to integrating into the host system and controlling the solution: in the state-based system no complex scripts are required. It is sufficient to communicate the current state to the device: wait, standby or measure.

– The simpler the system, the smaller the probability of problems. Our solution is an excellent example of this, any way you look at it, Lamminen sums up.